Ultrafine dust, indoors are higher than outdoors

Our kids' room with a lot of activity can do that.
Now put a dedicated air purifier in the children's room

Air purifier, the core of its function is filter management

Using the automotive air conditioner filter guaranteed by a global brand,
The burden has been greatly reduced and management efficiency has been improved.

About a month $1.25
About a month $1.25
 Filter replacement cycle
Brand Filter : $3.75
three months(About 2,200time)
About a month $0.2
About a month $0.2
Electricity consumption

DC 5V /  maximum 600mA

one day X one month = 2.16Kw

"Healthy life that our children should enjoy"

Technology for kids and me,

AIWANATECH's English name is AIWANATECH, a pronoun that translates Korean as it sounds.
AI (Artificial Intelligence), WANA means forest, forest in Indonesian.
Aiwanatech means the combination of nature (forest) and artificial intelligence technology.

About us

It can be used in any space indoors. Respiratory diseases caused by harmful environments such as yellow dust and fine dust, and
It will be of great help in preventing allergies and other diseases.
In particular, it is installed in the rooms of children, children, adolescents and the elderly who have weak immunity from harmful environments.
By consistently managing fine dust, etc., you can protect the health of the whole family.